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Halloween Party Idea: Elegant and Sophisticated Halloween Party

Halloween Party Idea: Try an Elegant and Sophisticated Halloween Party
Photo credit: FindingHome.com

Who says Halloween parties have to be made of nothing but cheap decorations made of paper and plastic that will be thrown out as soon as the last guest has gone home? Is it possible to have an elegant Halloween party?

The answer is: Yes

Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting a great deal on Halloween party decorations and sometimes a party calls for items that are disposable or for the kind of decor that is perhaps more kid-friendly. But if you’re looking to have a nice, elegant Halloween party there are plenty of options.

Check out what I found on FindingHome.com, a fun website full of crafts and other ideas for the home. They put together a post called Elegantly Spooky Halloween Tablescape (& Sense of Humor).

In the post you’ll see plenty of pictures and ideas for how to put together a tasteful, yet fun and spooky Halloween party. The decorations include cute, little skeletons with witches’ hats and shiny, gold pumpkins. One of the things they did that I enjoyed was using classic horror/spooky novels as inspiration. Such as Sleepy Hollow, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

This clever Halloween party idea uses another great idea by taking the images and ideas we all know about Halloween and presenting them in a different way. The standard orange and black color scheme is made more sophisticated by adding touches of shine, as well as muting the orange with a softer, more natural yellow. Paper and plastic decorations are replaced with cloth, metal, wood and glass.

If you think you’re getting a little too mature for Halloween party decorations you can buy at any party supply store or if you’re just looking for a change of pace at your next Halloween party, then trying out a chic Halloween party might just be the way to go. And just because the decorations are elegant, don’t assume that they have to cost that much more. Checking out local craft stores for items that can be hand-painted or searching stores for their day-after-Halloween sales can be a fantastic way to get some nice decorations at a lower cost.

What did you think of this Halloween party idea? Are you going to try an elegant and sophisticated theme at your next Halloween get-together?

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