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Romance at the Horribly Horrendous Halloween Haunt: Chapter One

Hello ghoulies! I know times can be rough right now and I wanted to try and cheer everyone up, so I decided to write a short Halloween story to share with you. If you guys like it, let me know and I’ll keep on posting updates.

First, here’s a little intro.

There are a lot of scary Halloween stories out there, and while there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fright during the spookiest time of year, sometimes you may want a little cozy Halloween fun.

This story is about the beauty and fun of the fall and autumn season. I hope it makes you feel like a cool fall evening, wrapped up in a soft flannel blanket sitting in front of the fire with a warm cup of cocoa in your hand.

A Halloween story with a touch of romance and the flavor of the autumn season.

Romance at the Horribly Horrendous Halloween Haunt

Chapter One

A lone woman ran through an empty field, a group of figures following not far behind. The woman’s breath came in short gasps. She was running out of time and she knew it. She had to get there first, before the others beat her there.

Before the horde caught up to her she finally made it to her destination. She jumped onto the back of the pick-up truck that was sitting in the middle of the field. It was the highest ground she could find in the area and she needed it more than anything at that moment.

She stopped to catch her breath and watched as the horde approached. She took a moment to decide on her next plan of action. As she looked down, she saw the group growing ever closer and soon the expressions of each face and the details of each figure became more and more clear. Some of them were covered in blood, others were missing limbs and still others had bones protruding from awful wounds.

She had no time to ponder the atrocities in front of her. The darkness of sunset had descended.

It was time.

She took a deep breath and knew this was it. There was no looking back now.

“Hi everyone and welcome to this year’s Horribly Horrendous Halloween Haunt!”

Suddenly the figures below her began cheering and clapping. This group of scare-actors were the best of the best when it came to frightening people’s socks off and she was happy to have them on her crew.

The makeup this year was also the best she had ever seen. If she didn’t know better, she would almost swear she was surrounded by dozens of zombies and other frightening creatures.

This was going to be the best haunt yet.

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